Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Little Shaver

Vintage personal care items often show up at estate sales.  I found this one a few days ago in the estate of a family that lived through World War II.  

It's interesting that whoever owned this little safety razor kept the box, too.  All the components of the razor fit neatly inside.

The sticker on the box says:

OPA Retail Ceiling Price 49 cents.  Do not remove or obliterate.

The federal Office of Price Administration (OPA) regulated prices on non-agricultural products and rationed essential consumer goods during World War II.   That appears to mean that this razor was sold to someone on the "home front" during a time of metal shortages and "black market" retail operations.

A description of the O.P.A. is here:

The National World War II Museum's website is here.  It has lots of interesting resources for teachers and students:

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