Saturday, June 7, 2014

Say It With Paper: Vintage 1960s Fathers Day Cards

At most of the estate sales I attend, I find a packet of old greeting cards that someone saved.  

The cards that caught my attention this morning were Fathers Day cards that date back to the early 1960s (judging from the dates someone -- probably the mom of the family -- wrote inside them).

This makes me wonder how many people will say "Happy Fathers Day" with an e-mail message or phone call?  The most important thing is to express the sentiment to your dad, your grandfather, your uncle or someone else who is like a father to you.  But I think it's also important to do so in a way that later generations can see, to save those messages, those memories.

How will future generations know how we honor our fathers today, if we don't preserve the messages?  As well, how will future generations be able to see the evolution of commercial art and commercial design if it's all lost in cyberspace?

Whether it means saving your e-mail messages to a permanent storage device, printing the message, or taking the extra step to give your dad an actual paper greeting card, remember -- someone other than your dad may need to see evidence of how you loved him someday.  That's one way they learn.  

Use words, spoken, written and printed to show your love.

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