Friday, November 28, 2014

More Cards from the Buzza Company of Minneapolis

Yesterday I shared a small greeting card dated Christmas 1914 -- a century ago -- with its colors and its message still strong.  It was produced by the Buzza Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

At the same estate sale, I found other Buzza cards.  Looking at the designs, I can the company's style changing and growing over time.

Here's a birthday greeting printed on a single piece of cardstock -- it doesn't open or fold.

A birthday of gladness,
Returns by the score;
May this one be better
Than ever before.

The stamp on the lower right of the back of the card bears the year 1925, as well as the name of the Buzza building in Minneapolis: Craftacres.

Another little birthday card shows a simple design:

And a simple verse:

I don't know just how many years 
Have journeyed on with you so far, 
But I know thousands couldn't make 
You nicer than you are.

It has a completely different copyright mark, this time with an Arts and Crafts sort of design.

Speaking of an Arts and Crafts design, look at this gorgeous Christmas card by Buzza, which I found at the same estate sale:

No gift that I could give you 
No message old or new 
Could half express the love I hold 
Deep in my heart for you. 
Christmas thoughts are merry thoughts 
And Christmas cheer is fine, 
But all year long I think of you 
And love you, Sweetheart mine.

Buzza's design shifts radically in this more realistically-styled card, featuring Santa Claus and a pair of small children who apparently live in the Arctic region:

Asking Santa to
give you the best he has 
in his sack --

Here's a link to my previous blog post, which records some of the history of the Buzza Company:

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