Monday, July 8, 2013

Short Notes: Easy Care Frillies

I've written before about the fun of finding vintage handkerchiefs (hankies) at estate sales.  Most of them have been lovingly used, cleaned, pressed and put away in a top dresser drawer.  

But some hankies were apparently so precious -- or so decorative as to not be functional -- that they were never even removed from their original gift box.  

Here's a set of three such hankies that I found at a recent estate sale.  They probably date to the 1950s.

The little white flowers are flocked.

The hankies were carefully and elaborately folded and pinned to a piece of paper inside the gift box.  And the cleaning instructions were easy to follow:

If you missed my previous post about finding a huge collection of vintage hankies, it's here:

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