Sunday, July 28, 2013

Short Notes: Vintage Tablecloths, Vol. 2

In honor of summer, I thought I would share some closeup pictures of the designs on some vintage tablecloths and matching napkins I recently found (and subsequently sold on eBay -- I can't keep everything....)   If your dining room or breakfast nook needs a spot of color, consider adding a vintage tablecloth and some napkins to your collection. 

Patriotic hibiscus.

Another patriotic theme, this time with roses.

This one looks like it's asking to be taken on a picnic. 

Set of four napkins and a bridge (or other small) tablecloth.

Closeup of a vintage cloth napkin.

Closeup of a vintage tablecloth border.

Three vintage tablecloths.


 There are lots of websites dedicated to vintage tablecloths.  Here are a couple:

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