Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Blue Plush Bunny Rabbit

I have a soft spot for harmless things that are not particularly useful.  

This is a problem when I go to estate sales, because estate sales are packed with objects large and small that the previous owner acquired and which really don't make a lot of sense to own.  Gathering up a gallimaufry of odds and ends wouldn't make much sense.  This, combined with my inherent tightwaddishness, has kept me from any number of really silly purchases.  

But every so often I see something that I just can't leave at the sale.

Like the ceramic jam pot, minus the rest of its matching set.

The ornate sugar bowl, missing its lid.

I feel sorry for them.  

I bring them home -- if I can get them for 25 cents or less, that is.  That way, if I do end up asking myself, "What were you thinking when you bought that?" I can donate them to the Salvation Army and not be very much out-of-pocket.

I can reuse the jam pot -- to hold toothpicks.  I can reuse the sugar bowl, to hold potpourri.

But of what use was the blue plush bunny I spotted during the final hours of an estate sale a few weeks ago?  No one else wanted him.  

His ribbon was frayed.

His tail was loose.

His worn plush fur had more gray hair than I do (inch for inch).

His whiskers went in different directions.

He's shy.

But he's darling.  And he was ten cents.

I think I'll keep him.  

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