Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feel Better

Finding a box of used greeting cards at a recent estate sale made me wonder:  Do people send Get Well cards anymore?

A small, basic floral "get well" note from the 1950s.

Perhaps the phone call, e-mail, text message and social media comment have somewhat taken the place of the "snail mail" get well message.  There's nothing wrong with responding quickly, in real time, to the news that a friend or loved one is under the weather.

This card was sent in the 1950s, long before the song "Bette Davis Eyes" had been written.
Still, I think there's something especially comforting about a written note for the person who isn't feeling well, especially inside a Get Well card.  It means that the sender took the time (and small expense) to wish the recipient well.

Yes, this is a Get Well card.  Let me know if you can figure out why.

The oddest Get Well card among the post-World War II used greeting cards I found, was the one just above.  I'm not sure what a marionette butterfly ballerina has to do with wishes for better health, unless the sender felt that laughter must be the best medicine.

Next time you hear that a friend or loved one is under the weather, please do call or contact them using your computer.  They need to know you're pulling for them.  But also take the time to send them a note inside a greeting card.   Who knows?  Maybe your friend will keep it for someone else to find, a generation or two from now.  And your good wish for them will continue to inspire others to do the same.

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