Monday, May 6, 2013

Short Note: R.S.V.P.

Usually in this blog, I take an item or two that I've found at an estate sale, post many photos, and describe/discuss the item and the circumstances surrounding its discovery at some length.  I want to vary that pattern from time to time with a "short note" about something small and of no particular significance, that is interesting to me nonetheless.

Every so often one of the neighbors will knock on the front door and ask if she can set up a "play date" for her big dog and the Irish Setter (who is sprawled at my feet as I write).  A doggy play date allows them to race around the backyard barking, happily slamming into one another and periodically wilting the vegetation through various means. 

The first time this happened, I thought, "Dogs have 'play dates'?" but told the neighbor she could bring her dog over to play any time. 

In years past, dogs didn't have play dates and kids' schedules were not as organized as they are today.   Mom or Dad would tell them to "go outside and PLAY!"  So they wandered the neighborhood, often in packs, and usually settling in at one house where the mom didn't care (too much) if they made a lot of noise during their games.  It always helped if there was an ample supply of cookies and Kool-Aid available.

The only thing planned in advance back then was a birthday party.  Invitations were mailed with instructions to "rizz-vip" and the birthday cake was baked or ordered.

I was charmed when I came across some leftover party invitations at an estate sale.  I thought you'd like to see them, too.

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