Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kitty Christmas, Part Two

Some Christmas images on old books, greeting cards and gift wrap are just too precious to consign to the shelf, a box or the recycling bin.  I like to at least make digital scans of them so I can share them, and save the actual items if they're particularly nice.

At a recent estate sale, I found a bunch of old children's books with Christmas themes, like Santa Claus and the Little Lost Kitten, from 1952.

I was particularly struck by one illustration by Louise W. Myers of the kitten, so I made a digital scan of it for you:

And someone, whose estate sale I attended, thought so highly of these Christmas images of tabby kittens that she put them in plastic frames and saved them.  I imagine she put them out at Christmas as part of her home decor.  

(They are pretty cute.  I wonder where I put the box of small picture-hanging supplies?)  

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