Sunday, December 22, 2013

Vintage Christmas Tags and Stickers

I also like finding old Christmas tags at estate sales.  Here are some from my Found-In-2013 collection.

An original design by Peggy Sheppard, "Angel Trumpeter" -- from information on the back of the card.  
It's also marked "A California Artists Miniature."

Another California Artists gift tag, "Baby's First Christmas" by Alice Daly.

Another design by Ms. Daly.

Lots of old Christmas stickers!

Three blank Christmas gift tags.

By Ralph Hulett, a gift tag design labeled "Coming Around Again."
I like the reindeer peering over the sides of the seats on the Ferris wheel.

What would Christmas be, with the traditional caveat?

A lovely old sticker, shown many times its original size.

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  1. I also have many early 1900 postcards with Christmas scenes, and other holiday scenes, such as Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for your consideration and time in reading this.