Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Prayer for My Little Sister, 1898

If you have a sister, or someone you love like a sister, this post might be of interest to you.

Often at estate sales, I find an old letter that someone has saved.  Too often, I have no idea who the sender or the recipient of the letter were -- sometimes there are only first names to provide a clue.

Such was the case with the single, small sheet of paper I found mixed in with some old Christmas cards at a recent estate sale.  There was no envelope, no address, not even a signature.

But I thought it would be worth it to share the writer's thoughts, more than a century after she wrote them down.

Shandon, Cal.
March 12, 1898

My own dear sister Fannie;
you enter upon another
year of your pure, young
life.  You cannot imagine
how nearly impossible it
is for me to realize that
my baby sister is now
sixteen.  From the depths
of my heart, dear sister
I wish you many, many
happy returns of your
birthday, and hope that 
the future years hold

a goodly share of joy 
and comfort for you
-- also patience -- and
longsuffering to endure
all the trials placed
in your pathway.

I am sure you will
strive to make each year
one of usefullness and
an improvement on 
the one gone before.

Continue to be pure
in thought, word and 
deed and always, under
all circumstances take
everything to God in prayer.

May His mighty protection 
and tender mercies be
with you always.

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