Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Quilter's House

It's very common, around here, to see online listings for estate sales that feature "sewing and crafting supplies."  

But I don't think I've ever seen as large a collection of fabric as the one I saw at an estate sale a few weeks ago.  The woman who owned the old house in the historic neighborhood had taught quilting for many years.

The first floor of the house contained furniture, books and pictures.  The entire second story of the house, including a sleeping porch, was filled with quilting fabric and books, mostly books about quilting.  I don't think I've seen a fabric store recently, with that much cloth.

With the owner of the home's permission, I took two pictures of a portion of the fabric they had for sale, with my cell phone camera.  I could have taken 20 more pictures like this, and I wouldn't have photographed it all.

The people holding the sale, including the young man who's inherited the estate, told me they'd already sold a great deal of the fabric to people who'd known the quilting instructor.  This was what was left over.  (Whatever didn't sell, they said they would donate to charity.)

Because they had so much (understatement of the year), they were selling the remaining fabric by the bag -- small, medium and large.  I thought, What a great deal!  I could probably use some fabric, or find it another home.  So I got a small bag and started sorting through the piles of cloth.

Hm.  Maybe I should get a medium-sized bag.

Okay then, I'll get a large bag to hold the fabric I want.

And I don't even quilt.

I also found a couple of quilted cats, presumably made by the quilting teacher.  One of them didn't have a ribbon, so I was persuaded to give it away to what I was assured was a good home.

The other quilted cat, I think I'll keep away from other, jealous, felines.  It will remind me of the unknown woman who was so passionate about her craft and shared her love of quilting with others.

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